Monday, February 4, 2008

Always Be On The Lookout For Greatness

What’s that saying “Dance like no one is watching”? Yeah, don’t do that. Especially if you are in a public setting and out of touch with current social norms. I witnessed this beauty at my daughter’s Halloween elementary school parade. Let me paint the picture for you- the subject was an awkward skinny woman with elastic waistband pants pulled way up with shirt tucked in. Fortunately, this woman chose her coming out party while I was present. As the parade droned on with boom box blaring, she proceeded to entertain in the middle of the cement schoolyard with what can only be described as an interpretive dance of some bygone era. The convulsive movements and stutter step hopping were only interrupted by moments of clarity where she would act out the words to the song that was playing. Like when Ghostbusters was playing and she started shaking her head no and wagging her finger to “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”. The rest of the parents were watching the kids and nobody seemed to notice this school administrator letting loose in her own world. But I did, and I only wish I brought the video camera. Outstanding.